Friday, July 27, 2007

Thank goodness I finally figured out how to get back here! The latest Yellow Rose Mystery is "In the can" and will be on shelves the first week in January. Also, if you enjoy audio, the first two Yellow Rose books are available for rental or purchase at Recorded Books has an exclusive right now, so that's the only place you will find them.

I have a "my space" page now if you're ever cruising around there. It's all a new world for me.

And don't forget my regular Friday blog at

Thanks to everyone who reads my books and keeps me in good graces with the Penguin Group. You guys are the best and I love hearing from you. Hope everyone's summer is going great. Me? I can't wait for fall. My first grandbaby is due October 10th. Exciting, huh?

Take care, one and all,

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My friend and fellow NAL author Elaine Viets suffered a stroke several weeks ago. She remains hospitalized and is making progress. But she has a book due to be released in the next few days--May 1. Of course she cannot tour. Her fellow authors have joined together to "tour" for her by supporting her latest Dead End Job Mystery, Murder With Reservations. I hope you'll log on to Murder by the Book in Houston, and buy her latest. Heck, buy two and give one as a Christmas or birthday or mother's day or father's day or ... you get the idea. And if you'd be interesting in reading how I feel about this very bright, funny lady, read my post "When a Friend Falls..." on

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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hey there everyone who visits!

I guess blogging alone was not for me. But, I have joined with some other authors on a new blog and I hope you'll visit over there. I have a deadline! Maybe that's what I needed. My posts appear every Friday. Check it out:

And thank you, everyone who has read my books and written to me with such kind, kind words! Pick Your Poison is in its third printing and A Wedding to Die For just went into its second. Yahoo!

Take care all,

Monday, October 09, 2006

Hi there again,

I should blog more, I know, but I have been under treatment for chronic Lyme disease for the last nine months with at least three more to go. Writing books is about all I can manage and I again face a short deadline. The book I'm working on is titled Pushing Up Bluebonnets and follows my friends Abby and Kate through some major adjustments after some shake-ups in the soon-to-be released Shoot From the Lip (January 2--just in time for gift card redemption!). And of course there is a mystery for Abby to solve, one I am very much enjoying when I have the energy to write. I have the ADHD labradoodle puppy to deal with and she is a 'frisky fiddler' as Abby's daddy might say. I will be signing with the wonderful Dean James right after the release of Shoot From the Lip--the signing date is January 6, but I am not sure of the time yet. Check for updates. By the way, Murder by the Book in Houston is probably one of the best independent bookstores in the country with a fantastic staff. If you are ever in Houston, don't miss it!

Leann, who could compete with the Lipstick Chronicles. I envy those ladies' energy!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

I am happy to say that NAL/Signet has chosen to extend my contract for two more books so after Shoot From the Lip comes out in January, Abby will be around twice more. I am beginnning work on a new mystery now that I have survived jury duty with only a very long voir dire day. I was one of the 12 strikes considering my number was 6. I am proud that at least one lawyer might actually be worried I could separate the wheat from the chaff concerning the facts in what sounded like a very boring civil case. Or maybe they thought I was too dumb. Hmmm.

Hope everyone is having a great summer.


Friday, June 23, 2006

Hard to believe June is almost over. Shoot From the Lip, book 4, is finished--it's a long one--and will be out in January '07. I am working now on the outline for book 5 in hopes there won't be such a big gap between books. I was surprised to learn through some online friends that Pick Your Poison was featured in the Southwest onboard magazine Spirit in their summer reading issue. Besides the cover and a mention in the article there is also a picture of a woman reading Pick Your Poison on the beach. I was really surprised and glad someone sent the issue to me. David Thompson, who is the publicity coordinator at Murder by the Book in Houston was so kind to mention my books to whoever wrote the article.

In other news, I will be on 3 panels at the ConMisterio mystery convention in Austin July14-16. It was such a fun time last year and there will be plenty more people there this year. Their website is This is a convention geared toward mystery fans, not writers and the hotel is wonderful. The most comfortable beds I have ever slept in on the road.

Right after that, my next appearance is for jury duty on July 17th. Yahoo!!! I LOVE jury duty, unlike most other people. Last time I was picked for a criminal case and I hope I get lucky this time. I will be in a criminal court so I've got a shot. Oooo. Got a shot. That doesn't sound so good. Last time I was able to make the jury by answering a defense attorney's voir dire question with the answer they love to hear. She asked if I would be swayed if the defendant did not testify on his own behalf. My answer was NO. I added that it was his constitutional right not to do so. This is the right answer if you WANT to get on a jury. Now, many people who had other things to do decided to answer just the opposite. Something to remember next time you might be called. :-)

Hope all of you who drop by here on occasion have a great summer!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

I cannot believe it is April. I am now emerging from writer's heaven or hell--whatever you want to call it. The manuscript for book 4 in The Yellow Rose Mystery Series will go out to the publisher tomorrow. The new title is Shoot From the Lips and the release date is January 2007. I will be at the Malice Domestic Convention in Virginia from April 20-23 and will be moderating a panel on April 23. Traveling is not easy for me, but I have learned only recently that I have Lyme disease and have probably had it a very long time. Now that I am being treated, I am hoping to regain the energy I once had. In fact I am already feeling some small changes but will be taking five different medicines for about a year. So keep those e-mails coming because they really make my day. Now... as for the house I have neglected for months while I wrote the latest book ... any volunteers? People who just love to clean?